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Stay competitive and get ahead.

The Executive Education area of the Naveen Jindal School of Management has developed a variety of professional and certificate programs to meet individual business education needs. No matter what your professional goals are, our programs provide the skills and knowledge to stay competitive in today’s challenging business environment and position you for success.

Our programs are offered through a variety of delivery options, including a self-paced, online “mini-MBA” — the Certificate of Management. Each professional and certificate program can be delivered on a customized basis to a specific group of professionals within an organization. Click on the links on the left menu to learn more about our programs.

Academic and Professional Certificates

Executive Education Programs at the Jindal School

Academic Certificates

Gain focused knowledge in specific areas of interest and earn academic credits in these programs that can be transferred to degree programs.

Professional Certificates

Get up to date knowledge on cutting edge topics that are in demand in the current work environment. A university degree is not required for admission.

Corporate Education

Corporate Education within the Naveen Jindal School of Management partners with corporations and organizations to maximize the performance of their leaders. We design, develop and deliver highly interactive learning experiences that are relevant and engaging for our client’s leaders. Corporate Education’s primary mission is to develop leaders who are able to lead effectively now and in the years to come.

Student Testimonials

Alexander Moeller

Alexander Moeller, EMBA 2017

Quality Director, Diodes Inc.

Coach Mario helped me transform into a more effective and self-aware leader. Using the syllabus and coaching guide provided by UTD as a basis to conduct our sessions, Mario was always very flexible in adjusting the content of our sessions. He thoughtfully summarized the key topics that we discussed during each session and sent them with action items we had agreed on for the following month.
David Gill

David Gill

After much engineering and product development experience in the semiconductor/electronic product space, I found this program to be exceptional for enriching my knowledge of the full product lifecycle. The curriculum was well balanced, engaging and formatted so individual benefits from their own studies as well as others’ perspectives through group interaction. The program is not limited to the boundaries of sourcing and purchasing but rather includes the study and tools for management of the complete product lifecycle. I have a much-improved understanding of operational considerations and a complete tool set to utilize because of the PLSCM program. It has greatly increased my contribution and success in executing my responsibilities.
Jon McBride

Jon McBride, EMBA ’11

Technology Consultant, Chief Technology Officer, Integrated Healthcare Association

I pursued my MBA for many reasons, but chiefly among them was to start my own company, grow said company, and successfully exit. Win, lose, or draw I wanted my own startup experience. The company I co-founded after our program graduation was recently acquired. My co-founders, investors and I walked away with a great return on investment and with much more knowledge.
Alexander Moeller

Alexander Moeller, EMBA ’17

Quality Director, Diodes Inc

UTD provided an excellent education during the 21 month-long EMBA program. The academic rigor was challenging, yet content was presented in a way that engaged and motivated everyone. The curriculum had the perfect balance of hard and soft skills to thoroughly prepare for executive roles. The program has completely changed the way I contribute and execute management decisions at work.

Vinesh Reddy

Vice President, Business Process Offshore, Bank of America

The executive coaching experience was transformational. I was analyzed by my coach and was provided great recommendations to improve myself from where I was before the coaching to where I am now. I found the experience to be valuable to me personally and professionally.
Vanessa Pacheco

Vanessa Pacheco, GLEMBA ’19

VP, Ohana Cottonwood

This program gives every person an opportunity to lead and collaborate.
Tu Huynh

Tu Huynh

The Executive MBA in Product Lifecycle in Supply Chain Management has been a tremendous value for me. The knowledge and insights that I gained from the program have helped me be confident in evaluating new business opportunities and understanding supply chain risks in order to maximize the return on investment on our project portfolio. The Executive MBA in PLSCM improved my ability to make many critical decisions for my role in the Digital Business Transformation Office where I am interfacing with many business partners and suppliers on behalf of Comerica Bank.
Alberto Gutierrez-Algren

Alberto Gutierrez Algren

Immediately after graduating, I was able to transition to higher position. I am very certain that without the MBA and PLSCM expertise gained through UTD and this program, I would not have had these opportunities for advancement. Additionally, I was able to utilize that knowledge, to become part of two start-up business opportunities, which I would not have even considered for fear of the unknown before earning my MBA.
Mohammed Omer

Mohammed Omer, GLEMBA ’19

It’s about the experiences of exchanging skill sets and perspectives.
Tamer Elshamy

Tamer Elshamy, GLEMBA ’19

Sales Director, Fawry Banking and Payment Technology Services

An exceptional experience mixed with both cutting edge knowledge and great personal skills improvement.
Mo Katibeh

Mo Katibeh, EMBA ’11

Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T

UT Dallas helped round out specific skills sets that I needed to move to the next level of my career. With a broad operations and project management background, the financial, organizational architecture and executive leadership projects at UTD were immensely helpful. They immediately helped me when I was promoted to manage the Northeast Mobility Construction and Engineering organization.
Ellie Shollenberger

Ellie Shollenberger

The UT Dallas Product Lifecycle & Supply Chain Management is a unique and one of a kind Executive MBA program; no other school offers this concentration. Unlike the traditional EMBA with a finance focus, this program taught me the importance of making the best business decision beyond the numbers. The knowledge and experience I gained in the program has given me more opportunities to be involved with important projects and to manage corporate programs in the company; and I am enjoying this challenge. Most importantly, I learned a lot from my highly experienced classmates with different backgrounds, and the friendships we built during our international study trip is a lifetime gift and priceless!
Qiana Levy

Qiana Levy

UTDs EMBA program has surpassed my expectations. The program allowed me to maintain a demanding work schedule alongside a rigorous course load. The caliber of the professors and students, and the alignment of the course materials was exceptional. The program was well-designed and added immense value to my professional growth. Immeasurable components included the executive projects, international trip, collaboration and rich discussions with like-minded professionals. The curriculum enriched my business acumen, strategic foresight/execution, relationship-building and change management skills, as well as created enduring friendships. I am deeply appreciative and highly recommend UTDs EMBA program.
Ashwin Prakash

Ashwin Prakash, GLEMBA ’20

Head of Data Science and Analytics, HCA Healthcare

The application of learnings from Operations Management and Strategic Management courses helped make an immediate impact in my job, merging the lines between school and work while providing an instant return on investment for my employer.
Rachel Liu

Rachel Xiao Liu, EMBA 2020

Asia Pacific Business Executive, Motivating Graphics

Working for private companies and running my own businesses for several years, I felt like I needed the core fundamentals for a more structured growth. The support from the faculty and my executive coach have made it so much easier for me as a nursing mom during the whole process.
Curtis Clark

Curtis Clark

My experience during the Supply Chain EMBA program was very rewarding, both professionally and personally. I experienced a terrific camaraderie with my fellow classmates who shared a desire to learn. Dr. Rajamani has a passion for what he teaches and for helping students realize the difference they can make in the workplace. With students from many different industries and cultural backgrounds, I was able to broaden my perspective on the global nature of supply chains. I made this investment in myself.
Denis Zub

Denis Zub (EMBA 2022)

Just one year ago, when COVID-19 have not even appeared in top-1000 Google searches and flying anywhere on Earth was a five-minute decision, I was sitting in my chair thinking of the next career steps. The only thing I knew then was that I needed inspiration, rethinking, rebooting if you will. Boiling in your day-to-day problems, solving your pre-determined pattern of tasks, and being eventually stuck in your narrow life-box with a boring forward-looking prospect was not the life I wanted to live.
Khaled Hallak

Khaled Hallak, EMBA 2021

Bank of America, Officer, Syndicated Loan Closer

I joined the EMBA program at UT Dallas with aspirations to hone my business acumen and skillsets gathered from academia and real-world experience through both entrepreneurship and large corporate ventures. The EMBA program did not polish my current understanding; they shattered my foundation and rebuilt my business knowledge with the most cutting-edge academics through a prestigious curriculum and world-renowned professors. Throughout the rigors of this program, I quickly learned the importance and power of my cohort. With an ocean of information flowing towards you, it is impossible for one person to absorb and process on their own. I formed a tight bond with some of the brightest executive minds across an array of industries. In this program, we did more than just dissect and examine case studies from historic events; we were able to consult with real corporations in efforts to aid with ongoing and current issues. Our impact was evidenced when select corporations successfully implemented our recommendations. This program is far from easy, it will push you to new heights and you will need to reintroduce yourself to your family and friends upon graduation. On the bright side, the leaders of this program, Pamela Brady (Program Director) and Connie Imhof (Program Manager), are such genuine and caring people, you will feel like a part of a new family throughout the duration of this program. If you are looking to expand your knowledge and grow your network, the EMBA at UTD comes highly recommended.
Meredith Carter

Meredith Carter, EMBA 2020

Senior Director of Finance, Gamestop

I’m thankful to have pursued an Executive MBA instead of the format I seriously considered earlier in my career. This program provides the opportunity to practice critical thinking, influencing and delegation skills. I particularly appreciate how courses like Operations Management and Performance Transformation require students to think deeper and more holistically about issues and possible solutions. The course content builds through the program and enables students to view business differently than their functional or technical lens.
Holly Martin

Holly Martin, GLEMBA ’19

Customer Experience Manager, J.B. Hunt

Because of this program, I was able to present within my organization to five different groups, which led to a promotion, an invitation to assist with three special projects as a new manager, and an appointment as a co-chair to lead professional development for an internal employee resource group.
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